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We are growing roses in the Bulgarian Rose Valley to produce rose oil and more …

We welcome everyone to join us for a memorable picking season

Our Story

Over the years not only our roses have grown but so have our ideas and visions. 

Owners Little Rose Field

Farm & Volunteering

The heart of our little business – Our fields. Having started with one little plot of land on which we planted Rosa damascena we have grown over the years and added more variety. An important part of our farm has always been sharing this experience with others.

Workshop natural cosmetics

Workshops & Events

We offer a wide range of workshops to get a deeper insight on how to use botanics in cosmetics and for culinary purposes.

Products & Wholesale

Whether retail ready or bulk wholesale, our products range from 100 % pure rose oil and rose water to a variety of dried roses and other flowers. All products are certified organic.


Get to know our collection of carefully selected cosmetics, teas and floral treats

Featured Roses

Famous for the Bulgarian Rose Valley is the vibrant pink Rosa damascena. However, in recent years the delicate white Rosa alba with its more subtle lemony scent has gained popularity.

Rosa damascena

This vibrant pink rose with its distinct heavy floral smell is the signature rose of the famous Bulgarian Rose Valley and the basis for rose essential oil.

Rosa alba

This white beauty is pure joy to pick as the flowers are more grippy and yet the oil content is much lower than in Rosa damascena making this essential oil even more precious. 

Rosa canina

Widely known as “Dog Rose” this tough and fast growing shrub rose is mainly used for its fruits and not flowers – The rose hips are dried or pressed into the fatty oil. A valued oil for skin care – But not to be confused with essential oil of rose.

Rose Harvest 2022

Where is the rain? Everywhere but here! What a dry rose picking season we had this year! Usually we have periods where we can get stuck with our boots in the muddy fields and the roses are soaked in water. This year we were anticipating some sort of rainfalls but they...

Rose Harvest 2021

This year by coincidence we had a true French workforce lined up. With Covid still present we weren’t sure how this year’s harvest and the help needed would turn out…

Rose Harvest 2019

Magnificent views are just one of the perks of getting up early and picking this small but absolutely beautifully located field. Growing every year and adding new locations to our farm means more coordination with picking the fields. 2019 Harvest has been a whirlwind of a year. Thanks to all the amazing help we had from all over the world we managed to wrap up the harvest successfully. 

Rose Picking 2018 – Special year

This year was truly special to us – Was it an exceptionally high yield? No, not really. Were the fields in mint conditions? No, not really. But all that didn’t matter much this year – As we welcomed our new addition to the family.

Rose Picking 2017 – Rich harvest

Later than the last years but richer than ever – and not just in yield but also in sharing with volunteers – this year was truly special. As we expected the harvest to start a little earlier we had a great group of helpers eager to pick with no roses to pick yet – So we made good use of the time and dedicated some joined workforce to one of our fields that has many Black locust trees growing in between the roses as it is next to a natural forest.

Hot and dry September

With a manageable size and magnificent lake view it is pure joy to work on our new field. Although the thick and lush bushes had suffered from the severe drought this summer, they have stayed strong and produced new shoots from the ground.

Rose Picking 2016 – Welcome everybody

Another wonderful picking season has come to an end. Many guests from around the world surprised us this year. Thanks to Virginijas interview on the Lithuanian Blog “Euroblogas” we welcomed several visitors from Lithuania for the first time. It seems like we are becoming popular in our village for having unexpected guests: More and more locals find themselves with the task of bringing our guests over to our house. “I think these people are looking for you” was a common phrase we heard this year.

Are you interested…

If you would like to join us this picking season here is some useful information for you…

Rose Picking 2015 – Be quick before they’re gone

This year you had to be right on time to make it for the harvest. It was a rather short season and let’s say “relaxed” since nature has decided to give the roses a little rest and not produce too many buds. Luckily, all our guests got a chance to experience rose picking.

Rose Picking 2015 here we come

Our roses started blooming, it’s time to pick these beautiful blossoms! Let’s see what this year’s harvest will bring us.

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