Already worried in April that the roses might start blooming any time now due to the short and mild winter, plenty of rain and little sun kept the harvest going. Our longest picking season didn’t faze our guests: This year’s picking season was very Japanese having Yumi and Yuri as our guests. Yumi came from Japan directly to Bulgaria to experience the rose picking season. She was with us for almost the entire season and turned out to be one of the best visiting pickers and could hold her own with the local experienced rose pickers. Studying in Serbia, Yuri – a true rose lover – joined us for a few days during her holidays to make her dream come true and see the Bulgarian Rose Valley. After picking up Yuri from the airport and on our way back to the Rose Valley, Yumi and Yuri were talking in Japanese for a while when suddenly there was silence and Yuri turned to us and said a little worried “Johanna, I don’t think I have the right clothes for picking.” Since this is not unusual to happen – who expects to have to wear rubber boots in the summer time when picking roses?! – we assured her that she can borrow some boots and clothes from us. Due to all the rain in the spring time, the grass in between the rows of roses grew high and collected plenty of morning dew – So even when there was no rain, you had to expect to get wet feet and pants without proper boots. Once everyone got into the rhythm of picking, time flew by and we already had to say goodbye to Yuri.

It was a wonderful learning experience for us to see and hear about the Japanese culture.

Yumi and Yuri, you came as guests and left as friends –
There will always be a place for you here!