Finally Manure

Posted on Apr 11, 2013

Manure 1

To finally see this digger and truck together at the same place where the manure is sitting could not make me more happy. Having unsuccessfully tried to arrange this in the past, it happend at last! Calling back and forth between the only person in the area with a digger (and he sure knows about this “monopoly”) and a truck company from next town, it seemed that there could never be found a time where both are free. And when we were about to give up one last call made it all happen – Immediately! If it wasn’t for the enthusiastic truck driver, we would not have ended up with around 60 tons of cow manure. Unfortunately, due to the wet conditions, the truck could not enter the field and had to dump the manure next to the street on the side of the field. I hope by the time the manure has matured there will still be some left…

manure 2