April is known to be the wettest month at the roses. Plenty of rain to get the roses growing for the upcoming rose bloom. – This year, it was an especially rainy spring season – No chance to get to the rose fields without 4-wheel-drive. 

While most of the fields were quite wet, our garden nursery and the newly planted white roses (Rosa alba) near the lake got more attention. Known to be more resistent, they are a little harder to get started. Therefore, we were quite happy to see that the little plants survived their first winter out on the field. Some weeding and manure to help them grow even stronger in the next few months…and who knows, they might surprise us with the first white blossoms this summer!

The few hours a day with no rain we were also finishing pruning the “Big ones” and pulling out as many wild blackberries as we could. Our efforts from last year pulling out the various little trees that were growing between the roses seem to have paid off. Little by little we will bring this field, that was left to nature for so many years, back in order.