With a manageable size and magnificent lake view it is pure joy to work on our new field. Although the thick and lush bushes had suffered from the severe drought this summer, they have stayed strong and produced new shoots from the ground. And the branches which dried out over the summer, we managed to prune within a day and a half. If you didn’t know that there are actually several more fields waiting for attention you might even start dreaming of all the lake activities there are…

Our baby white roses needed special attention as the weeds have overgrown over the past months. At first glance you may not even have recognized that there is anything growing on this field. But take a closer look: Small but alive are the little plants – hiding under the already dried weeds. Others have had more strength and managed to grow to a considerable size. 

Our little tractor has been put through a lot of work again – Too much strain…Repairs are due. Let’s hope we get it fixed for November! In the meantime we are watching the birds flying south for the winter.