Early morning rose picking

Magnificent views are just one of the perks of getting up early and picking this small but absolutely beautifully located field. Growing every year and adding new locations to our farm means more coordination with picking the fields. 2019 Harvest has been a whirlwind of a year. Thanks to all the amazing help we had from all over the world we managed to wrap up the harvest successfully.

Volunteers contributing 

As the white roses are florishing, the time to pick these fields is not to underestimate. With much care and awe the volunteers make sure the roses are brought to the distillery in perfect conditions. This year we had some “professionals” join us – Knowledgable herbalists from Switzerland and Italy shared their wisdom about medicinal plants with the group and sparked excitement about all the wild flowers and their healing properties around us. So while picking the roses or walking along the fields bags where also filled with herbs and flowers such as Yarrow, St. John Wort, Elderflowers, Cornflowers and many more. Some ended up in homemade teas and drinks, or as special garnishes on our plates. Needless to say, we had some great cooks amongst us this year 😉

Ready for pick-up

Our youngest helper was always right at the heart of matters. Even though picking wasn’t her favourite activity (yet) she did enjoy seeing the harvest being brought in. Tired and hungry, the group gathers around the big table outside and enjoys a hearty brunch. This year it was all about eggs. Did we know in advance, we should have maybe added some chickens to the farm. Luckily, our neighbours are very generous and also provide us with fresh eggs.

Having many people from different backgrounds and walks of life join us for the harvest brings up many interesting conversations. We are happy to be able to have such great groups gather here in our backyard and share their knowledge or just have a good laugh. 

outside gathering
herbal lesson

Thank you

As always, what’s more left to say – A huge thank you to everyone who made this picking season a successful one. New friendships were formed and contacts exchanged. All here in the middle of Bulgaria on fields of roses.

If you wish to be part of our team 2020 then feel free to contact us.