This year you had to be right on time to make it for the harvest. It was a rather short season and let’s say “relaxed” since nature has decided to give the roses a little rest and not produce too many buds. Luckily, all our guests got a chance to experience rose picking. So far, no matter what the season brought, the last two weeks of May were always a good time to visit. The first guest to welcome was Kim from Moldova, who was very interested in the Bulgarian rose industry. After a beautiful morning on the fields we decided to take some roses with us on spontaneous trip to Runya, a tiny village near Veliko Turnovo to finally meet up with Dani form Germany who started a Yoga retreat there. Not only did we meet Dani but also Andy and his family who have built themselves a dream home up there in the hills. It was a true inspiration to see what they have created!

Rose picking 101: The teachers from Germany get a short lesson in how to properly pick roses. They quickly caught on and were unstoppable. It was a wonderful morning picking all the fields together. After the morning’s work was done we took some time to show the surrounding nature. When we were just taking a rest by the lake we suddenly heard cow bells and almost couldn’t believe our eyes…the cows enjoyed a little cool down in the lake!

Even when visitors cannot make it for the early morning picking, there will always be some roses left to see and pick any time of the day. For Herman and his “crew” from Hong Kong we had left the white roses (Rosa alba) in our garden nursery to pick. After a photo session and walk around the garden we had some freshly brewed mint tea from the garden and set up for a tour around the village.

With picking season being over now, we remain with good memories and would like to thank everyone who has been part of this season. We hope to see you all again…sooner or later…here or there…where ever that might be!