Another wonderful picking season has come to an end. Many guests from around the world surprised us this year. Thanks to Virginija’s interview on the Lithuanian Blog “Euroblogas” we welcomed several visitors from Lithuania for the first time. It seems like we are becoming popular in our village for having unexpected guests: More and more locals find themselves with the task of bringing our guests over to our house. “I think these people are looking for you” was a common phrase we heard this year.

It was a very wet and long spring which meant the picking season extended way past its usual duration. This was just fine for us and the neighboring farmers because this meant a lot more blooming roses. 

This year the “Babies”, our youngest field, had their first proper yield and was a perfect starting field for beginners – Not too overwhelming. 

From experienced agricultural journalist Petra we understood that picking roses was quite enjoyable compared to other harvests like strawberries that she had done in the past. 

This year we had the opportunity to welcome some of the volunteers who hand out roses at the Sofia Airport. We tested their picking skills and would probably welcome them back – although next time they definitely need to bring their rubber boots 😉 . 

We also shared an afternoon with Dimitar from Laika, a store specialized in Bulgarian natural products, and his friend and showed them where our products originate from. 

One evening packed with information about the roses and plenty of traditional Bulgarian homemade food we dedicated to Jimmy and his tour group from the US. By the time Dany was done showing them around the area, it got already dark for the dinner that Edwige, Mareike, Neil and I had prepared. With their bellies full they left as quickly as they came to their next destination Romania.

Thanks to everyone who joined us this season, we had a great time! We hope you did too. See you next year!