This year was truly special to us – Was it an exceptionally high yield? No, not really. Were the fields in mint conditions? No, not really. But all that didn’t matter much this year – As we welcomed our new addition to the family. Even though our daughter didn’t really know what was going on it was still her first rose picking season – Of many more to come hopefully.

And as every year we had a great group of volunteers support us. This year more important than ever!

Having more and more “small” fields every year means more coordination and more picking for everyone. And if that is not enough, when the neighbors need also more pickers our volunteers don’t hesitate and are up for the challenge. Being rewarded with plenty of homemade goodies such as compote and Lyuteniza it was a win win situation for everyone 🙂

And as every year there is not only picking to be done but weeding the baby roses that would otherwise get lost in the weeds. – Luckily our experienced German helpers knew what they were doing – And they did a great job! 

How good does it feel to throw your work load of the day in the trailer?! And these smiles confirm it. Even though it can feel overwhelming in the mornings, once you see your bags of roses ready to be picked up by the distillery you know what you have archived for the day. 

This year we had a Chinese delegation from a large cosmetic company visit us – Since they came late in the season for the roses we at least could show them the wonderful lavender fields around Panicherevo. Nothing can beat the rose fields – but this is pretty close.

Oh, did I say we had one new addition to the family? It was actually two – With the arrival of our new Kubota tractor Dany has fulfilled himself a long-awaited dream of a new tractor. Finally he can spend more time working with the tractor on the fields instead of working on the tractor. 

At the end – what’s more left to say than a big thank you to everyone who supported us this year!

We hope to see one or the other back again next year!