The Bulgarian Rose Valley


The Bulgarian Rose Valley is situated about 280 km east from Sofia, which is a bit more than half way to the Black Sea. The valley along the southern slopes of the Balkan range and Sredna Gora mountain provides perfect climate conditions for growing roses. Characteristic mild winters, long and temperate springs with light rains and high humidity, especially in May and June with abundant morning dew, are ideal for growing the oil-bearing rose.

Kazanlak is the most famous town in the center of the Rose Valley. Here, during the first week of June, the renowned “Rose Festival” takes place with various attractions such as a parade and the crowning of the “Queen of Roses”. In Kazanlak, there is also the Rose Institute, where scientific research on the oil-bearing roses is carried out. 

The eastern end of the Rose Valley is marked by the dam lake Zhrebchevo with Panicherevo being the little town nearby. This is where our roses are growing. The lake is a popular place among fishermen and also home for numerous migrating birds. All around the lake you will find stretches of rose, lavender and grape fields and it’s easy to spot a tranquil and secluded place for a picnic, for swimming or for pitching a tent.